What’s Up with JEM Games?

It is Fall. So what happened to all of the plans for us to publish new games? Well, the kids went back to school in mid-August, and have been pretty heavily-loaded with homework. I’ve been quite busy as well. Nonetheless, we are still planning on two games – one new and the other not so new.

Obnoxious Neighbors is our next new game. It is another card game in which you and your opponents are neighbors. The goal is to annoy your neighbors so much that they move out before they annoy you so much that you move out. The game is complete and reasonably well play-tested. Our next step is to develop the card graphics and get the first set printed up.

We’re also coming out with a new edition of Kaboom! This version will have a few less cards, which will reduce the packaging as well as bring the price down quite a bit. Nonetheless, game play is not dramatically impacted. There isn’t much work we need to put into this game, and we just need to find time to do it.

Bear with us, we think about our new games all the time! We’ll be back at it soon!