Kaboom! 1.1 Now Published

We’ve flipped the switch and made Kaboom! 1.1 officially available.  You can view it in the Game Crafter shop here, and purchase your own copy there as well!


Kaboom! 1.1 Test Game Has Arrived

It arrived last night and it sure looks sweet. Inside a rather large package came a small gem (or JEM?), Kaboom 1.1!









Unlike the original Kaboom! set, Kaboom! 1.1 features fewer cards and much smaller packaging. We also put more effort into making the graphics on the box appealing.










The cards, are the same, just fewer of most (and no builder). We think this makes the game more action-packed and *ahem* explosive.

Obnoxious Neighbors Progress

Our second game, Obnoxious Neighbors, is under design.  The game itself is done and we’re currently working on the card graphics.

Yesterday, we completed the first draft of nine cards, three of which appear below. We still have quite a bit of work to do on the remaining cards, and we have not made much progress on the rules. Unlike Kaboom!, where we had the game virtually finalized before making the cards, we suspect that Obnoxious Neighbors will need some tweaking once we finish up the cards.

Our current goal is to have the game in the store by Thanksgiving.

Kaboom! 1.1 Test Game Shipped

Yesterday we ordered the test copy of Kaboom! 1.1.

Our supplier requires that we order a test copy before putting the game up for sale. This helps us check the game out and possibly correct any printing issues. We’ll receive our copy in about 8 days.

Changes to the game include reducing the number of cards from 127 to 90. Almost all of the card types were retained except, sadly, for the builder (the builder may reappear in an expansion pack…stay tuned). Instead, we reduced the number of most card types in order to achieve our goal.

These changes had the overall effect of reducing the cost of the game quite a bit. We’re happy to announce that Kaboom 1.1 will be on sale for $14.99 rather than the $24.99 of the original game.

As soon as the game is generally available, we’ll let you know!

Kaboom! 1.1 Progress

We’ve finally completed updating the card graphics for the new version of Kaboom! The only remaining task is to create a new graphic for the smaller box that Kaboom will now ship in. This will take a bit of effort, but will probably be done at the end of the week.