Kaboom 1.1 Update

Since we made the changes to the rules and fixed the description on one of the cards, we decided to roll an update to Kaboom!  We’re going to call this Kaboom! 1.1 Update.  It will be available in our Game Crafter shop in about 10 days.  Until then, please sit tight.

Also, please note that we have removed earlier versions of Kaboom! from the shop.  Thus, at this point, you cannot order Kaboom! via the Game Crafter.  However, if you’re dying to get a copy, we have a few versions of 1.1 (not updated) sitting around.  Don’t hesitate to write if you’d like one.


Kaboom! 1.1 Rules Update

Some players have written to us indicating that the rules to Kaboom! can be a bit confusing at times.  Upon careful review, we agree.

In the past, we (the game designers) were present to teach people how to play.  That seemed to work fine.  However, with people now purchasing the game over the Internet, we’ve found that the rules needed some clarifying.

So, we’ve published an updated version of the Kaboom! 1.1 rules.  The updated rules do not change the game play.  However, they do clarify the following:

  • Whether each card is played by a player on his or her turn, or played by the player defensively to block offense during another player’s turn.
  • Whether each card is immediately discarded or remains in play for some time.

We’ve included a quick reference chart at the end that should make this crystal clear, and we’ve updated to descriptions of each card as needed.  You can download and print the updated rules below.

Kaboom 1.1 Rules update

We’ve also published a quick update to Kaboom! 1.1 in our Game Crafter shop.  You can find it here.

Obnoxious Neighbors Update

The kids and I had planned to have Obnoxious Neighbors out by Thanksgiving.

Stop laughing already.

Then, we had hoped to find some time over the holiday break to finish it up.  But the allure of new toys, a short trip, and the constraints of my work schedule has resulted in very little getting done.  However, on the last two days of break, we managed to make some progress, finishing up the graphics on several more cards.  Some examples are below.

security camera start rumor call the cops vacation


Doorbell Ditch features the computer artwork of a certain 9-year-old.

We’re now trying to make a more realistic prediction of when the game will be available. One of the kids suggested July, but ever the optimist, I’m predicting March.

We’ll see.