Obnoxious Neighbors

The good news: We received the second Obnoxious Neighbors test game.  We tried it out with some friends and it seemed to go over well.

The bad news: The company we use for publishing the game has indicated that we need to redesign some of our graphics, because they (the company) are changing the dimensions of the game box we’re using.  This may lead to a further delay in making the game generally available for sale.

Stay tuned.


Second Obnoxious Neighbors Test Game Shipped

Dawdling, hesitation, lagging, procrastination…you get the picture. However, there is no excuse, even if two of the game designers are back in school and the third exceptionally busy at work. Today we ordered our second test version of Obnoxious Neighbors. We made a few minor gameplay and graphics changes in this version, and updated the rules as well. We should have it in hand within 2-3 weeks, and if it looks good we’ll publish the game, making it available to all of you.

We’re so excited we could throw a spite party.