Kaboom! FAQ

Some Kaboom! players have been sending us questions regarding gameplay that are not answered in the version 1.1. rules.  We’ll post answers here.

Q: Is there any way to defend against an Oops or a Backfire?

A: No.  If you are the target of an Oops or Backfire, there is no defense. So, you cannot Oops an Oops or Backfire a Backfire, Oops a Backfire or Backfire an Oops.

Q: Can Diplomacy help me against the Nuclear Bomb?

A: Yes, but only if you play it before the Nuclear Bomb is directed to you, so that you are immune to attack for a round. Once someone attacks you with the Nuclear Bomb, there is no defense.

Q: Does Diplomacy protect you against one enemy or all enemies?

A: All enemies. We realize that the card seems to say one thing and the rules say another, but go with the rules. Otherwise the card just isn’t that useful.

Q: Suppose that I launch an RPG at a target who has just one wall left. Since the RPG normally takes out two walls, does it eliminate the target from the game?

A: No, it just gets rid of the one remaining wall. The player can be eliminated thereafter.

Q: In a five player game, shouldn’t Twist of Fate allow the player to rearrange the top five (rather than four) cards?

A: Um yeah, that’s a good point and we highly recommend ignoring what the card and the rules state, and playing it that way.

Q: Isn’t the Nuclear Bomb too powerful?

A: No. Of course, we’ve thought about this quite a bit, and here’s our reasoning. There are only limited times when one can play the Nuclear Bomb – you have to have it in hand, and one person must already be eliminated from the game. This usually means that the game has been in progress for a while and is already nearing the end, or at least around the midpoint. There are plenty of ways that the Nuclear Bomb can be knocked out, such as playing Non-Violent Protests or the Weapons Inspector on the person who is holding it. Also, when someone successfully plays the Nuclear Bomb, they lose half of their own walls. This may discourage its play. All in all, we think the Nuclear Bomb is a well-balanced game mechanism, despite its dramatic impact.